10 Reasons to Love Period Swimwear

10 Reasons to Love Period Swimwear

If you are someone who finds swimming relaxing — for your body and mind, there’s nothing to stop you from doing so, except perhaps your period. Introducing period swimwear.

With the growing popularity of period underwear, it was only a matter of time that period underwear makers realised that women on their period love going in the water much like anyone else. Only what's stopping them is the old belief that you can’t swim on your period.

If you planned a weekend getaway at the beach or at a lake, you no longer need to just huddle up on a lounge chair, fully covered and with a towel — put on period swimwear and jump right in.


There are Period Swimwear?

Much like many women are just beginning to discover the existence of period underwear, they are equally surprised that there are now period swimwear. Period swimwear cleverly looks and feels just like your regular swimwear. They come in full bathing suit models as well as bikini bottoms.

The difference of period swimwear from regular ones is that it has a three-layer-lining tech that is specifically designed to absorb menstrual blood while you swim, while protecting you against any leaks. You can then effortlessly enjoy being in water without having to be embarrassed or cause for worry.


Reasons to Love Them

  1. Perfect Protection in Any Body of Water
  2. No Blood Trails
  3. Uncomfortable Surprises Begone
  4. You Can Compete in Them
  5. Nothing Bulky Down There
  6. Your Tweens Will Love Them
  7. They Are Hygienic
  8. Swimming Can Relieve Menstrual Cramps
  9. No One Will Know You’re On Your Period
  10. You Won’t Get Eaten by Sharks

    Perfect Protection In Any Body of Water

    Regardless of whether you’re in a pool, a lake, or at the beach, you’re basically half-naked, yet you will still look good. Not only will period swimwear provide you with perfect protection, leak-proof period swimwear makes you feel and look sexy.


    No Blood Trails

    The main reason why women are advised not to go in water during their period is the possibility of blood flowing out. It would be a nightmare, especially if you’re young, at a secluded pool party, and where everyone will surely notice.

    The great thing about period underwear is, it eliminates this nightmare from ever occurring. It adds to your confidence when around others, while you enjoy being in the water. 


    Uncomfortable Surprises Begone

    Have you ever worn a light or neon coloured bikini at the beach, only to find out in the bathroom that your nether region is all blotched with menstrual blood? That will surely be a day breaker, an embarrassing one at that.

    If you are one who has an irregular period and is a “water baby,” it is a must for you to own at least one or two pairs of period swimwear. Wearing one at the beach or the pool will protect you from nasty surprises when your period flows unexpectedly.


    You Can Compete in Them

    The last thing a competitive water athlete has to worry about is not being able to compete during their period. These days, water athletes can wear period swimwear to up their game and compete stress-free.

    Even teenagers or university students who compete for school meets can concentrate on winning medals instead of worrying about menstrual blood leakage.  


    Nothing Bulky Down There

    We all had that bulky or stuffed feel when we wear pads or tampons during our periods. We can all agree that it’s an unnecessary discomfort we girls and women learn to live with during our menstrual cycles.

    Period swimwear has a highly absorbent lining that surprisingly isn’t bulky, but still provides leak-free protection. You won’t have that bulky feeling of a pad filling up once you get in the water in your period swimwear. You’re sure to be comfortable in any wet situation.


    Your Tweens Will Love Them

    If you are a “tweenager” or a “tween” and reading this, then we have to tell you that you can have fun with your friends and avoid any embarrassing situations at any pool, lake, or beach party if you are wearing period swimwear.

    Maybe you are the first among your friends to menstruate — No worries. Period underwear is here to save your day. You might even be the one to start the trend among your circle.


    They Are Hygienic

    Women on their period generally avoid going into swimming pools to avoid an embarrassing situation from happening.  

    Even if you use conventional protection such as menstrual cups or a tampon, it is unlikely you will leak blood into the water while you swim. Even if a small amount of blood leaks, this will immediately be diluted by the chlorine treated water. Additionally, Pools contain small amounts of bodily fluids such as urine and sweat that chlorine neutralises on contact.

    With period swimwear, not only are you well protected, you are also freed from the use of disposables that add to polluting the environment.


    Swimming Can Relieve Menstrual Cramps

    If you suffer from menstrual cramps, low-intensity exercise can actually relieve menstrual cramps. So why would you deprive yourself of relief from menstrual discomfort when you can actually get relief by going in the water and swimming your cramp away?

    Put on your leak-proof period swimwear, jump into that water, and get that relief.  


    No One Will Know You’re On Your Period

    Menstruation is a natural process. If you are worried about having stains or leaks, your period swimwear is your saviour. Unless you tell someone, no one will know you are on your period. Period swimwear looks no different from conventional swimwear, and yes, they’ll make you look sexy.


    You Won’t Get Eaten By Sharks

    Films like Jaws are the reason lots of women avoid going into the ocean while on their period. Here is the deal, there are no recorded incidents of sharks attacking women on their period.

    Be confident swimming near the beach or go ride the waves. Your period swimwear will keep you from contributing anything to the water. Plus, you’re assured there will be no blotches when you go to the beach’s wash area.

    These are just some reasons why you should love period swimwear. At Mynickerbot, we provide Period Swimwear Bottoms in various sizes that will fit tweens and ladies who love going in the water on their periods. Click here for information on how period swimwear works.

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