About us...Experience the Freedom

About us...Experience the Freedom

About Us

The period, an, oh so important biological function of evolution but at the same time one of the biggest downsides of being female (not counting the multitude of other political and societal issues that the female gender are facing). MyNickerBot came about because we wanted to ease the hassle women face every single month. While we can’t do anything about the cramps and the hormones that come with our monthly visitors we at least can take the paranoia of leaks from happening wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

We here at MyNickerBot want to empower women by giving them back their freedom of movement during these times of the month. We felt that despite all the feminine hygiene products on the market that they didn’t instill the absolute confidence to go about our day as normally as possible. We offer products that can help alleviate the anxiety that you might leak along with the embarrassment and the trouble of ruining a perfectly good outfit.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the main reasons of us starting MyNickerBot is that we believe that there should be a way to “Green Periods”. We are of course talking about being environmentally friendly and not the color… That would just be weird ;-).  Going back, did you know that feminine hygiene products are now the Fifth most common plastic waste that can be found in the ocean? Yes, Plastic. Your tampons and pads are not just made of just cotton anymore. The issue is that modern sanitary pads are made up of 90% plastic and are definitely not biodegradable.  It won’t be such a problem if we can just recycle them but that isn’t the case with feminine hygiene products because since they are considered medical waste then they cannot be recycled.

Imagine that in a lifetime a single woman can go through more than 14000 sanitary products. That’s just from a single person. Multiply that to the billions of females out there. Seriously, this is NOT a sustainable route especially since recycling is not a valid method of disposal. There must be a better way than Tampons and Pads.

Our knickers support the environment. By being reusable it will not foul our waterways or in a landfill. Just wear, wash and repeat. This one little change can make a huge difference in the long run.

Stylishly Multifunctional

You might think that our knickers are for just when your monthly visitor arrives. Well you will be pleasantly surprised that it’s not. MyNickerBot undies aren’t just made for periods, no. Imagine a sweltering and humid summer moving where you feel sticky and gross down there wearing your normal undies. With our knickers you can expect to be fresh and cool at the same time.

Our underwear contains our “No Freak Technology TM”. The tech that makes our undies so effective in handling your period also doubles as fantastic way to keep you dry and fresh there in any weather.
Our No Freak Technology is also very capable in wicking any kind of moisture from your privates meaning it doesn’t matter if you are out hiking in the wilderness, playing your favorite sport, working out, dancing in your favorite club or music festival, or just casually walking around and enjoying the scenery, you can be sure that you will be dry and fresh throughout the day.

Along with keeping you dry, our undies have another trick up their proverbial sleeves. It keeps you smelling fresh. MyNickerBot’s undies uses a special anti-bacterial material that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. This means that you don’t have to worry about any funky odour coming from downstairs.

Anxiety Over

We’re pretty sure that among the female gender of our species that there is a universal feeling of dread that comes over us when our period arrives. Approximately 67% of women admit that they actively change their lifestyle when for fear of awkward incidents associated with their periods. This includes leaking, hiding or acquiring their sanitary products. This is such a universal occurrence that the term “Period Drama” was coined to describe the feeling of dread that women all around the world feel during this period (pun intended).

The thing with MyNickerBot’s knickers is that it basically helps you to alleviate that feeling of period paranoia. We coined the term “No Freak Technology TM” because it does just that. It helps wicks moisture and fluids from your privates, thus eliminating that oh so disgusting sticky feeling you get. It also absorbs any fluid so you won’t have to worry that your movement might cause spillage.

We offer different discrete models to match a wide choice of outfits with all of them able to handle multiple tampon’s worth of bodily fluid with ease. While we cannot totally eliminate the dread of period drama (darn hormones) at least we can give you a bit of peace of mind.  

At least when it comes to leaking you can now be unafraid to go out even if you have heavy flow, we can definitely help you regain your confidence to dress however you want and do whatever you want to do without the fear of leaking.

We made No Freak Technology because we’re tired of Freaking out and we’re sure you are too.

Why Choose MyNickerBot

We at MyNickerBot make period-underwear that just works. No inserts, no weird gimmicks. In the long run this will save you a tonne of money and more importantly it will definitely help minimise the damage to our planet. You just have to wear, wash, and repeat. No leaking, no more “Oh Noooooo!” moments.

Aside from the function we can’t leave out form. We believe that your undies should be cute and stylish and most importantly comfortable. No self-respecting lady would want to wear a bulky pair of panties that might as well be glorified diapers. We totally understand that, and that’s why like fashion and technology we keep on changing and improving not only to keep up with what’s in style but at the same time keep up with technology


So join us in waving goodbye to Period Paranoia that comes from Aunt Flow’s visits. Pick your secret weapon against the war against leaks. It’s time to get your confidence back and we’re here to help you every step of the way.
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