Do You Need to Use a Liner in Potty Training Pants?

Do You Need to Use a Liner in Potty Training Pants?

Potty-training liner pads are a bit like sanitary towels. They are shaped absorbent pads that stick into your child’s potty training pants or usual underwear to absorb excess urine. 

Potty training pants have special linings that absorb wetness slowly so your child does get the sensation of being wet for a few moments before they start towards the potty or toilet and give you the go ahead to take them to the toilet. 

Training pants come in various different styles and patterns. 

The cheaper underwear-style pants are generally not very absorbent so watch for quality.  Check here for a great variety of patterns.

But while mishaps are pretty much inevitable as your toddler makes the leap from nappies to pants, the right products can cut down on both mess and stress.

Pull-ups, training pants and pant liners are all designed to contain accidents while helping your child get used to using the potty or toilet.

Pull-ups are also handy if your child is not ready to potty train but tends to crawl or run away at changing time, as they can be put on and taken off with your baby standing up.

The consensus among parents is its really up to you and the child.  Usually a pack of liners will be a good option for night time instead of using a normal nappy as this will turn back the good work you do in the day time.  At least with a liner whilst it will absorb more and help keep the bed dry it will still allow them to feel wet and call out for help during the night to use the toilet.  

A pack of liners will also be handy for day trips out to the shops or play dates without parents having to stress quite so much!  

They are so soft and durable and can be washed as many times as needed. 

Overall a pack of them will end up saving you money on washing, cleaning carpets, new underpants, socks and shoes etc and will save your sanity!

See here for the softest liners on the market.

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