How Often Do You Change Period Underwear?

How Often Do You Change Period Underwear?

This is a very important question — how frequently should you change your period underwear? After all, you're using these products once a month in your most sensitive area — you'll want to use them correctly.

Period leaks can be prevented, and good menstrual hygiene can be maintained by changing at the right time. Ideally, period underwear should be changed every 4-6 hours. Wearing these overnight, however, allows you to get a good night's sleep during your period.

Of course, we don’t need to stress that it doesn't do anyone any good to sit with old menstrual blood for too long. So it’s prudent and hygenic to switch to a fresh pair of underwear whenever possible.

Can you wear them all day?

How often you have to change period underwear is dependent on your flow. In some cases, a pair can be worn all day, depending on the type you have and how far into your cycle you are. Many period underwear styles come in medium, heavy, and light flow varieties. 

Having period underwear as additional protection on your heavy days, in conjunction with a tampon or menstrual cup, will make you comfortable enough to wear it throughout the entire day. You would most likely only need one pair of underwear on a light day.

One pair is usually enough for the day for most of our customers! They will simply change into a new pair to sleep in overnight if they want protection. Our recommendation is to choose the absorbency level that best reflects your flow.

Having to change your underwear midway through the day? A wet/dry bag or a ziplock plastic bag should come in handy. Store used undies in it until you can wash them at home.

We really meant it when we said you could wear them all day long. As opposed to pads and tampons, which must be changed every four hours, you can wear Mynickerbot when you wake up in the morning and wear it until you get home.

Once you're done, you can change into a pair to wear overnight while you sleep, even if you have white sheets. Wouldn't it feel great to say goodbye to a crinkly pad that shifts and sticks in every unwanted spot while you sleep?

Just make sure the pair you choose has adequate absorbency. Try different absorbency options and different brands to find out what works best for you.

Obviously, changing them daily is recommended for hygienic purposes. Some people need a couple of pairs a day, while others can go the entire day wearing only one pair. How many you wear in a day is entirely dependent on your flow.

Mynickerbot Black Cotton Full Brief Ultra Absorbency, our most absorbent style for instance, can absorb 5 to 6 tampons worth of menstrual flow without leaking! 

When should you change?

Normally, the pants should feel dry when the blood is trapped. In the event that you notice a damp feeling, then you should probably change into a fresh pair.

It is recommended that you carry an extra pair with you and change them during the day if you wear them as your sole form of protection.

As with pads, there will probably be some trial-and-error involved, and the time between changes will be different depending on your cycle. 

How many pairs do you need for a full cycle?

You might want to plan on buying 5-7 pairs of period underwear per cycle if you intend to wear them exclusively. You can shop our Bundle Packs and first period kits to save.

Our great value bundle packs and our first period kits will save you money as well as reduce sanitary waste. If, however, you use them with other sanitary products as backup, then around 3-4 pairs should have you covered.

You should also think about how often you'll do laundry, since clothes need time to dry between wearings. If you wash your clothes once every three days and only need them for day wear, then four pairs should be sufficient — one pair per day of your cycle, plus one for the day your laundry is drying. 


To extend the life of your reusable period underwear, rinse them in cool water after use until they run clear. Do not soak them.

The most important thing is not to let the period underwear dry out after wearing it. We recommend that you wash the fabric in cold water without fabric softener or bleach in order to maximise its performance.

We suggest hanging it to dry, then reusing it. Period underwear should last as long as your regular underwear if properly cared for according to the instructions.

Never dry your period underwear in the dryer or tumble dry them since the heat will deteriorate the materials in the unique layer system, causing them to start falling apart. If you want them to dry faster, you can speed up the drying process by pressing them into a towel to absorb excess water before hanging them out to dry. 

Do period underwear last?

How often and how well you care for a pair of period undies can dramatically affect the lifespan of the item. In most cases, they will last for about 6 months to 2 years, depending on how they're washed and cared for.

Underwear is considered to be a delicate product, so it is possible that the elastic and the thread will wear out over time. However, the absorbency built into the gusset won't be affected. 


When using your period underwear for the first time, we recommend starting on a lighter day of your period to see how they will work best for you and your flow.

If you're tempted to try them out, now may be a good time to know how period underwear works. Investing in period underwear will transform your life. You will not only save money, but you will also prevent a lot of waste going to our oceans and landfills.

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