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Potty Training Pants Bundle of 5 pairs - Natural Hue

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Pull-up style potty training pants are the perfect step away from nappies or diapers and a move towards big-kid underwear that all toddlers dream of wearing!

USE WHEN: A great first step in your toilet training journey. Keep a few pairs handy for  toilet training - best suited for day time training.  Wear alone without a nappy.

HOW THEY WORK: Training pants mimic the feeling of wet underwear to allow toddlers to recognise the feeling of needing to use the potty and allows them the chance to tell parents when its time - hence "toilet training pants".

ABSORBS 4 Layers of absorbency.  Cotton fabric on body and 3 layers of thick gauze and high quality absorbent cotton then the waterproof barrier is TPU waterproof fabric.  A Size Small will absorb 10-20ml, a size M will absorb 15-30ml, a large 30-40ml

FEATURES Underwear-like fit and pull-up style makes for easy changing.

Your toddler will feel like a big kid wearing them.

Concealed water resistant layer and inner pad contains little accidents saving outer clothes, socks and shoes from getting wet. 

Comfortable and all cotton body so they can breathe.

Cute patterns to choose from.

Machine washable and can be tumble dried.