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Sporty Bikini Period Pants - Heavy Flow

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Sports Mesh Sporty Style Period Pants

USE WHEN: Sports days and any day when you need to breathe down there! Heavy absorbency will last all day on most days at school. Use beginning to middle of cycle. No other sanitary items needed. Great to wick away sweat and discharge too.

ABSORBS : Up to 4-5 tampons worth. 

LOOKS AND FEELS: Sporty spice look and very edgy with the unique mesh fabric - classic slimline bikini cut with a slight cheeky bottom. Super stylish 

Firm favourite with teens

3 layer hidden tech to wick moisture away, hold the fluid and keep you feeling dry 

Anti odour technology is built into the fabric so no nasty smells


Simply rinse in cold water and wash in usual wash with similar colours

Save money on buying expensive pads and tampons

Save our planet by ditching disposables and doing something super cool for it

Do not tumble dry