5 Top Summer Period Underwear Styles

5 Top Summer Period Underwear Styles

With a variety of styles and so many sizes, period underwear is definitely becoming fan favourites for a reason. Period Underwear offers an excellent selection of alternatives to traditional menstrual products like tampons and sanitary pads, they come in various styles and different levels of absorbency that women of all ages will surely love.

There are a lot of period underwear brands and styles that are changing the way women are facing their monthly periods. We now have better alternatives while helping save the environment at the same time.

The rise of period underwear is phenomenal and they look and feel like regular underwear, and are designed to be washable and reusable. For those who still haven’t tried or are new to period underwear, these period underwear are definitely easy to clean and are an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

1.   High Waist.

Lola is a high-waist period underwear with lace. This retro-style is Mynickerbot’s most flattering full brief lace period underwear. It’s fast becoming a favourite for the important reason that it won’t leak due to its high-absorbency feature.

Not only that, it gives you that “hug” feel while wearing them and smooths out your silhouette. Edged with lace, it will seamlessly match with your black lace bra that eliminates the impression that you are wearing a pair of period underwear.

Additionally, it's bloat-friendly that holds your tummy in gently while capable of absorbing 3-4 tampons worth of blood. It is super comfortable and can be worn practically the whole day. 

2.  Hipster Brief.

Mynickerbot’s Athletic Inspired Period Underwear for Teens don’t only look great, they also provide all day protection and can even be worn overnight. This style is a favourite among teens, and it can hold up to 5 tampons worth of menstrual fluid.

With 3 layers of hidden tech, this pair of period underwear crafted with spandex fabric and mesh trim gives it an edgy look. It keeps you feeling dry. Not only will it assure you of absorbing your period but light bladder leaks as well, and as a bonus provides anti-odour tech built in to keep you fresh and smelling fresh. 

3.  Cheeky Style.

This pair of period underwear style is designed for light days and those “just in case” days. Our Organic Cotton Luxe Range Period Underwear holds up to a tampon’s worth of flow and is advisable for use as a supplement or back up to conventional sanitary items like pads or cups.

Made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton and hemp, this cheeky style pair has a hidden 3 layer tech and is naturally odour and bacterial resistant. It also incorporates our anti-odour tech called Silvador™, and it is great for going out without the worry of a leak.

This high leg cut and high waist style can be worn with jeans without any visual panty lines and looks amazing for women with curvy bottoms.

You can avail this style on its own from our online shop, or you can avail it in a Ladies Organic Luxe Duo Kit that comes with our Black Hipster Brief that you can use for moderate days. 

4.  Sporty Style.

Mynickerbot’s Sports Mesh Sporty Style Period Style, or Sporty Hipster is a great style with high cut both on the leg and bottom. This stylish design is a favourite among tweens and teens.

They can actually ditch the use of pads and tampons, saving money and helping reduce environmental waste. This period underwear can hold up to 4-5 tampons worth of fluid, keeping you fresh, dry, safe, and odour free with its 3 layer hidden tech.

The beauty is you can have this pair on its own from our shop or avail of it via our Sporty Bundle x 4 Pack. With this period proof underwear package, you get 2 pairs of Sporty Hipster and 2 pairs of Active Hi Waist. 

5.  Bikini Bottom.

What would summer be if you can’t go swimming, right? Regardless if you take a dip in a pool or go riding the waves in the sea, we got you covered with our Period Swimwear Bottoms in Navy Blue.

It’s great contour design can easily match with any of your own bikini or rashie tops. This moderate absorbency period swimwear bottom will make you go pad or tampon free at the beach or the pool with no worries.

Similarly designed with our 3 layer tech, you are assured of leak free wear and its hidden tech can absorb 2 tampons worth of menstrual flow.

And here’s a bonus, it can even be worn out of the water and under your squad uniform or school one pieces and be virtually undetectable.


Period underwear that absorbs menstrual fluid specifically designed for comfort and reliability could improve your period experience. There are many brands and styles to choose from that are chic and effective.

However, there are indeed some that are gorgeous but, unfortunately, leaky. Also, there are those that give dam level protection but provide diaper-like silhouettes. With Mynickerbot, you are assured of leak-proof performance without sacrificing style and comfort. 

Cleaning Period Underwear.

Simply rinse them in cold water, hand wash them, or throw in the washing machine, then hang dry. In most cases, you can wash period underwear in the washing machine.

Do note, however, that each manufacturer provides specific instructions for cleansing their pieces. Although some brands have options that can be dried in the dryer, you should always adhere to the instructions provided by each brand to make sure that your period underwear lasts.

If you are new to period panties or one that is still not sold on the idea of ditching your pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, We recommend trying out a pair with your conventional menstrual products.

Then, as you get more confident in wearing them, try out multiple types and styles that would meet your sense of style and still meet the demands of your menstrual cycle. Try different styles from Mynickerbot’s collection for teens and ladies to give you an idea what works best for you and what you like best.

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