What are Potty Training Pants ?

What are Potty Training Pants ?

Waterproof potty training pants are a great thing to use when deciding on toilet training your toddler.

It can be tempting to go from nappies or diapers to normal undies for this task but beware!  You will end up throwing out many pairs of undies in the process as they will be so wet and ruined it may not be worth your time to wash them!

Also the carpets in your home and your mattresses will not be happy as they will  no doubt become wet with little accidents!

The best potty training pants in Australia are Mynickerbot's Potty Training Pants. https://mynickerbot.com/collections/toddler-leak-proof-pants  They are a pull up style of potty pant and are easy for the child to pull up themselves making them an ideal choice and also are easy for parents to remove in a hurry when potty time comes.

With the 4 layers of fabric used they will absorb a part of the flow whilst allowing the child to feel wet so they are not too comfortable with their choice of not rushing to the potty as soon as they felt the urge to go.  Hence the term " training Pant".  They do effectively train the child to want to go to the toilet and do the correct thing at the right time.

Each pair will absorb up to 30 mils of liquid and are a great addition to any parents potty training supply cabinet! 

They come in a variety of fun patterns that children find fun to make the transition a really fun time for them.

Waterproof Potty Training Pants that come from an Australian owned business is sure to be a good thing!


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