What’s the Best Way to Wash Period Underwear?

To wash period underwear, follow these general steps:

1. Rinse: After wearing the underwear, rinse it with cold water to remove any excess blood. Avoid using hot water as it can set the stains.
2. Pre-treat: If there are any stubborn stains, pre-treat them by applying a stain remover or soaking the underwear in cold water for a while.
3. Machine wash: Once pre-treated, place the period underwear in a mesh laundry bag or wash them separately to prevent tangling. Use a gentle cycle and cold water to wash them. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach as they can affect the absorbency and fabric quality.
4. Drying: Air-drying is the best method for period underwear. Hang them up or lay them flat to dry, away from direct sunlight. Avoid using a dryer as the heat can damage the elastic and reduce the lifespan of the underwear.
5. Storage: Once dry, store the period underwear in a clean and dry place until their next use.

Remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific care recommendations for your particular brand of period underwear..

Another great tip is to reuse the bloody water from the underwear on your pot plants!  Trust me they love the nutrient rich red water and flourish.  Not for the feint hearted I agree but if you can do it give it a go and let me know how your plants thrive !