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Period Starter Kit 2 Pairs - Mini Pack for Tweens and Teens

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Twin Pack of Organic Period Underwear for Tweens and Teens

A first period kit for tweens and teens with 2 pairs of period briefs

2 x pairs of our period underwear - great way to try 2 different colours or styles - either our cute organic prints or our sporty range 

A cute waterproof cosmetic pouch to discreetly keep a spare pair in 

A bathbomb

A body washer to gently exfoliate young skin or a range of other girly things like a soap, ip balm or scrunchie 

Sanitising wipes or liquid hand sanitiser

It comes in a cute linen bag to keep your mynickerbot's in

3 layer hidden tech built into each pair

Anti microbial properties built into fabric to inhibit smells

Nobody will know she is wearing them look like usual undies

Simply rinse in cold water and wash as usual

Save money and ditch disposables for good

Saves embarrassment at school