Top Period Underwear Styles

Top Period Underwear Styles

The reliance of teens and women the world over on disposable supplies like pads, tampons, and panty liners during our monthly periods, has created an increased demand for period underwear. This is driven by the clever technology provided in the undergarment to ensure that leakage is a thing of the past. They can be used, washed and reused, so that they're suitable (and LOVED) by women of all ages.

Period underwear is available in a range of different designs and styles for women to choose from. Ladies, we now have a better alternative during our monthly periods while saving the environment at the same time.

Just imagine about the amount of monthly disposables we go through during our entire lifetime that ends up in landfills, the cost alone adds up over time. Period underwear is not only a cost-effective option, but is a great choice if you want to cut back on waste.

We at Mynickerbot rounded up some of our top picks from our line of period underwear that you may choose from when deciding to make the switch.


Best Black Cotton Full Brief Ultra Absorbency

It is our most absorbent style for periods yet. Our Black Cotton Full Brief Ultra Absorbency Period Underwear is capable of absorbing five to six tampons worth of menstrual fluid.

Its unique triangular full brief style shape goes all the way up to the waistband, meant to absorb blood efficiently in the event it seeps on your tummy. This high waist design up in front and back will give you confidence that it prevents leaks from ever happening from both ends.


Our 3-layer protection wicks out moisture, absorbs, traps and holds blood to prevent any leakage from ever happening. All without the use of any disposables. How cool is that?

Additionally, this pair is perfect for all day wear whether in school or work, and they can also be worn overnight. Rest assured that its full brief style will provide you with complete protection and keep you feeling secure, comfortable and remain stylish with its flattering fit with various sizes available to ensure that perfect fit.


Organic Period Bikini Cactus Print

Your teens will love wearing our Organic Period Bikini Cactus Print. This Classic bikini style period proof brief is constructed with organic cotton and designed for high absorbency with cute designs.

This Cactus Print is among our recommendation for all day wear that is perfect for school and sleep-overs. Designed for maximum comfort, it can be worn during the first few days of your teen’s period and can be worn without worry overnight.

The Cactus Print is capable of absorbing up to 4 tampons worth of menstrual flow, or equivalent to 4 teaspoons. The super soft organic cotton style is flattering with cute patterns. The design feels like wearing a classic bikini style with soft waist bands that does not dig in to tummies.

Like all our line of period underwear, it also features our trademarked moisture wicking and odour neutralising technology built into the fabric. And its hidden layer tech goes all the way up the back that prevents leaking to give you peace of mind all day at school.

Save money and ditch those disposables for good and help save the environment by simply wearing, washing, and repeat.


Best High Waist Period Underwear with Lace

Lola is Mynickerbot’s high-waist period underwear with lace. This retro-style is our most flattering full brief lace period underwear. It’s fast becoming a favourite for the important reason that it won’t leak due to its high-absorbency feature.

Lola also doubles as shape wear and gives you that boyleg “hug” feel. Edged along the side with lace, it makes it the perfect undergarment to wear with your black lace bra under your favourite (LBD) little black dress, for the most flattering silhouette that compliments every woman’s natural curves.

Its construction is bloat-friendly that holds your tummy gently while working by absorbing three to four tampons worth of blood. Similar to The Peachy, it is also great in handling light bladder leaks.

This high-waisted full brief style also goes all the way up the back and its tummy holding higher front assures you of leak prevention for that super comfortable all day wear.

The Lola is probably the sexiest period briefs on the market that will make you ditch disposables entirely, save you money, and be eco-friendly.


Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

Underwear designed to absorb menstrual fluid can increase your period experience by providing comfort and reliability. A variety of stylish brands and styles are available that are not only fashionable, but also with different levels of effectiveness.

Despite what some people might think, there are some gorgeous styles out there that leak and malfunction. In addition, there are those that provide dam-level protection, but have diaper-like silhouettes. Choosing Mynickerbot, you can be assured of leakproof performance without sacrificing style and comfort.


In Conclusion

If you are still considering making the switch to period underwear, or one that is still not sold on the idea of ditching your pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. We recommend trying out a pair with your conventional menstrual products until you build up the confidence that you can ditch them entirely.

As an additional incentive, know that period underwear can prevent irritations that come with our use of conventional sanitary products. Many women do report that they acquire untoward reactions from using pads against their skin, since many of them contain skin irritating perfumes to mask odours. And yes, some women are averse to wearing tampons because they find these insertable uncomfortable to wear.

No longer will you have to contend with perfumed disposables since our line of period underwear handles odour causing bacteria from proliferating which gives you that fresh, and odour free feeling all day

As you get more confident in wearing them, try a pair or more that would meet not only your sense of style, but can also meet the demands of your menstrual cycle. Try different offerings from Mynickerbot’s collection for teens and ladies to give you an idea what works best for you and what you like best.

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