About Us

Mynickerbot was born out of a desire to rid the world of unnecessary sanitary waste that the founder knew was happening around the world in the tonne of thousands.  

There is always a better alternative and after spending years working in the women's health care industry in the workplace she also knew how many women were suffering in silence and pure embarrassment at work with little or no facilities to change sanitary items in etc.  

So off to the CSIRO she went to meet the head scientists to discuss the technology that was now available in fabrics and what a smart fabric can do.  With 2 tween daughters on her mind she was convinced there was a better alternative than tampons and pads for them.  Going to school with such items was nothing short of embarrassing when it came time to change and dont get her started on school camps or trips to the local water park!  Something had to be better and there it was - period proof underwear and swimwear that will  hold and absorb your period so you can go about your day without the worry of a leak or having to change them every hour and the fear of not packing enough to last the day. 

We have always had a motto that we have your back.  And we do and we also have your front.  No leaks, no smells, no worries.

Nicolette - Founder  xx