About Us

Mynickerbot is an Australian designed label, dedicated to empower teens and women by breaking the taboo around periods and making life easier for each of us around that time of the month.  We want to take away the fear associated with leaks and allow all women to go about each day without worry.

Why did this come about?

Established in 2017, by Nicolette Ridley this Aussie mother had a desire to make life easier for a tween or teen and for her daughters, as she knew they were about to start their journey into puberty and she wanted to soften that first awkward moment when Aunt Flow arrives unexpectedly for the first time.  I can remember distinctly how awkward it was for me and my first few years into having periods and how I hated the noise of using pads in the school cubicle when I had to change them and the horror of not knowing what to do with the used pad and fear of being caught throwing it in the bin!  Also being caught out at the shops on the weekend without enough money to buy more!  I had to make a decision as to buy pads or ice cream with my pocket money! 

What I did about it!

I had a distinctive creative vision born out of my passion to make eco-conscious knickers with internal hidden technology. This specialised innovative layered system keeps you fresh, leak free and has the capacity to absorb up to 5 teaspoons worth of fluid and keep you odour free and fresh all day.  So now you can wear the undies all day or at least most of the day, go pad free and you can have the ice cream!  No more being caught out in the toilet disposing a used pad and no more worry you won't have enough cash on you for new pads or the bus home!  They are a massive money saver too! Most women spend around $20 a month on sanitary items or around $10k per reproductive lifetime.  One pair of our period knickers is a lot less than $20 so think of the money you can save by making the switch. 

So I  decided to change what it means to get your period.

Environmental issues.

One day I would like to see supermarket shelves filled with reusable options such as period proof undies, cups and reusable pads etc and no single use sanitary items available for purchase.   Each women in  will use aprox 10 000-14 000 sanitary items in her lifetime.  Can you imagine how much landfill or ocean waste this adds up to over the years?  It is quite honestly mind boggling and research indicates there is millions of tonnes of sanitary waste going to landfill each year worldwide. 

Simply, I want to make the world a better place for girls and to stop the unnecessary period waste.  Surely there are better alternatives? 

Mynickerbot means that you never have to stop doing fun stuff just because you’ve got your period. 

Our knickers are especially designed to safeguard you against leaks, odours and moisture. No matter what life throws your way, when you have your Mynickerbot's on – you’ll always be protected! 

Nicolette - Founder 

This is the inspo behind the hidden technology 


Having an organic range was important to me.  I hunted high and low to find the best fabrics possible.  The gold standard is the GOTS standard.