Why Choose Mynickerbot?

Why choose Mynickerbot?

Mynickerbot makes period-underwear that simply work. They will save you a tonne of money and our environment.  Whats not to love?  Simply wear, wash and repeat!  It’s your secret weapon against the worry of a leak!

Our knickers support the environment. Disposable sanitary products can block drains, end up in landfill and spoil our waterways. Mynickerbot means that you can rest easy knowing your supporting our beautiful world to stay green.  On average a woman uses around 14,000 disposable sanitary items in a lifetime so by making this one small change you really are doing a great thing!

Mynickerbot period undies aren’t just made for periods. If you’re worried about feeling like sweaty Jan on sports carnivals or netball comps, just pop these  on and keep cool and fresh down there even on the hottest Summer day. We are sweat and light bladder leak proof too!

Never fear the dreaded "OH NOOOO" moment again.  Hence our trademark "No Freak TechnologyTM was born from this constant " freak out!"

We also believe that they should be cute and comfortable and easy to wash. We change our styles often to keep up with the latest styles and technology.

Mynickerbot is your little secret friend!