5 Must Have to Period Starter Kits for Girls

5 Must Have to Period Starter Kits for Girls

It is common for girls to get their first period anywhere between the ages of 9 to 15. Several factors are involved when periods start which includes genetics, physical composition, environment, even exercise and nutrition to name a few.

For many young girls, along with this change that are related to puberty occurs before their first period. This comes with the increase in reproductive hormones in the body, which includes:

  • Major growth spurt
  • Growing or development of breasts
  • The growth of pubic and underarm hair

Along with their first period, some girls might also experience premenstrual syndrome or PMS. This of course varies from person to person. Some might take it in stride, while others experience symptoms such as abdominal cramps, mood changes, bloating, headaches during their periods. 


What are period kits or packs?

Do you remember when you got your first period? Some, if not most, of us had periods that were fairly irregular. This meant we weren’t able to predict when it would come next. Back then, we had to contend what was available to us when our periods came unexpectedly.

Now you don’t have to worry about our periods arriving without warning. If you have preteens or teens of your own or probably younger female siblings, cousins, or even nieces, you can prepare for this monthly eventuality with confidence with a period pack.

A period kit or pack is simply a small bag of essential supplies that any woman of menstruating age needs: before, during, and after our menstrual cycles.


Does your girl need a period pack?

Face it, your girl is growing up. As a responsible female adult, you should prepare her as her body starts to transform and blossom into a young woman.

You might initially think that she is too young to have a period kit to bring to school. Our bodies aren't the same, and your period might have begun late, but it may not be the same for her.

A girl’s period usually begins between the ages of 10 and 15 years old, although some start as young as 9. The average age is 12 ½ but each child is different, and your child may begin earlier (or later) than average. You wouldn’t want her to be caught unprepared when it comes unexpectedly, right?

It is alarming that girls seem to be getting their periods younger and younger.  There are quite a few 10-year-old girls who have their periods, so it is best to prepare them early! Having a school Period Kit is now a must.

What's important is to be prepared! We just don't know when that first period will start — and it could possibly be when they're in school! The period kit (or period pack) is the one thing every girl needs for school.

They might only have one period kit, or they might have a few. The kit contains all the essential items your child would need to manage their period throughout the day. What they put in theirs might differ from what you, or your sister, have in your own kit.

So, if your girl’s breasts are beginning to grow, you can already conclude they are also beginning to grow pubic hairs. This is the perfect time to make a period kit for her to take to school.

Your baby might not need the pack right away, but in the meantime, it may come in handy for one of her friends who might not be prepared. If that happens, then they’ll know that their own first period might not be far behind as well, whether it starts at home or school.


The 5 Must Haves in the Period Starter Kit.

The barest minimum that a starter period kit should contain the following:

  1. Sanitary pads.
  2. Panty Liners for any initial flow. It is also a great item to train girls how to use pads before they get their regular periods.
  3. Spare normal underwear or, better yet, period underwear.
  4. Ziplock or Plastic bags to put in soiled knicker and used pads if bins are not in sight or until she gets home..
  5. Sanitary wipes, baby wipes, or hand cleanser/sanitiser.

There are other essential items that you can include in the kit. But these five above are the most essential. As they get older, they might consider adding on to their pack:

  • Tampons
  • Menstrual cups
  • Hot packs for possible cramps
  • Mild analgesic for pain relief


Choosing the right bag or container.

When it comes to period kits, discretion is important. You’ll need something that is big enough to hold everything yet small enough to be discrete. Some enterprising Mums even used a large pencil case, make-up bags, or small purses to serve the purpose.


Consider period underwear over regular ones.

Period underwear is another item you might want to consider getting. Now, I am not referring merely to black undies that you wear when you are on your period. I'm referring to underwear that has an inbuilt absorbent lining, so blood won't leak onto clothing outside.

These are great because they provide extra protection for young tweens. The period underwear will absorb any blood that leaks from their pads, so they will not have to worry about staining their outer clothing. As a result, it decreases their fear of staining their clothes, reduces potential accidents and increases confidence.

It might be a good idea to include period underwear in your child's period kit if she is expecting her first period to arrive any time soon. Period underwear is wonderful for girls who are worried that they won't know their period has started until it stains their clothes.

A period can take some getting used to for your girl, but it will soon become second nature. The menstrual cycle is also an amazing process that can teach her a lot about herself.

She can take comfort in the knowledge that millions of women have experienced their periods before her. As a result, there are countless inventions that make this time of the month as simple as possible for young girls everywhere.

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