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Period proof underwear for tweens, teens and beyond! Our period undies absorb leaks, fight odours, wick away moisture keeping you dry and embarrassment free — ditch disposables, save the planet and save money!


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How to compost our HERO mailers! We send our special undies in a hero mailer to keep doing our bit for mother earth!

How to compost our HERO mailers!  We send our special undies in a hero mailer to keep doing our bit for mother earth!

We all want to do the right thing, right?  It is all well and good to send our special period proof undies to you in a compostable bag but how do we compost it hear you say?  Well check out this infographic below.

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How do I wash period underwear?

How do I wash period underwear?

How do I wash my period underwear is a very common question we get asked about a lot!  So here we have answered that question and a lot more about the fabulous and easy to use period undies.  Great for you and for your daughter.  Going pad or tampon free is game changing and far easier and less messy than you would ever think!

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Best Pegs Blog post on Founder of Mynickerbot's Nicolette Ridley

Best Pegs Blog post on Founder of Mynickerbot's Nicolette Ridley

#endperiodplastic with My Nickerbot period underwear.

3000 days. That’s how many days on average a woman will menstruate in her lifetime. And if using tampons or pads, that equates to roughly 12,000 of these in the bin. The majority of sanitary products sold in Australia contain plastic, adding up to 120kg of waste per person sitting in landfill or floating in the ocean. Plastic period waste washes up on beaches all over the word as shown in these Instagram posts by @dingdongzippy and @dunnkati

There’s a groundswell of concern across the globe that’s resulted in a push for ‘environmenstrual’ alternatives. My Nickerbot is a Gold Coast based company that offers a range of period underwear as an alternative to disposable period products. I chatted with co-founder Nicolette to find out more about My Nickerbot period proof underwear.

Describe My Nickerbot in a sentence.  Mynickerbot makes having a period super easy, waste and worry free. 

How did My Nickerbot come about? Mynickerbot came about with my huge background in the healthcare industry and realising how much sanitary waste us women generate each month and how it all ends up in land fill.  It is both unhygienic but also a terrible situation that just mounts up month after month all over the world!   I also had a real horror story with my first period involving a waterslide, a major theme park and my end of year 7 break up party!  My second one was at school camp.  I now have 2 tween daughters.  Say no more!!!  Ha Ha!

How do they work? They work with special inbuilt hidden tech we call “ NO FREAK TECHNOLOGY” It is basically 3 layers that each play a part.  The top layer wicks moisture away keeping you feeling dry and inhibits odours, the second layer absorbs the fluid and the bottom layer is the thin membrane that keeps you dry and protects your clothes, sheets etc. 

Why should women make the switch to period pants? Women should most certainly try them out or switch all together as it makes life so much easier!  How many times have you gone out only to forget your tampons or pads and have been stuck either jamming toilet paper in your knickers or asking a complete stranger for a tampon?  This way you never have to worry about packing extra supplies into your already full purse!  They are also so easy and comfy to wear.  Then the whole waste issue is something that you will really notice.  How much waste there is in each period cycle ?!  Most women will use around 12,000 pads or tampons etc in a lifetime so this switch alone will remove so much from landfill.  Then there is the waste that even someone who is not “green” will notice.  It is not having to throw your pads or tampons into a bin in a public toilet where either everyone can see you or you have to touch one of those sanitary waste bins!  Oh so much easier I wish I had these so many years ago!

What sets My Nickerbot apart from other period pants? Mynickerbot is a young brand aiming mostly for a young audience but as we have grown we have found lots of mums and Aunties and big sisters or cool friends have found us too.  We are evolving and have new stock on its way too!  We have 2 ranges.  One is GOTS certified organic and we were early, if not the first, to have an organic brand of period pants here in Australia.  Then we have a sporty range for active days or for all night wear. 

How do you wash them? Washing them is easy.  Just rinse them out in cool water then throw in the wash with your usual same coloured wash.  If you want you can hand wash them too.  Don’t bleach and DO NOT tumble dry. Hang dry on the line in the sun, preferably with stainless steel pegs!


Period waste statistics source: ABC News:

Find out more about the #endperiodplastic campaign:

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When will I start my period?

When will I start my period?

I am sorry to say it is nearly impossible to say for sure!  Most girls will start between 11-14 but it is not uncommon to start from as young as 8 or 9 too.  Some girls won't start till 16 or 17 either.  It really depends on your body and your unique hormones.  If you feel it is getting a little late and you are worried have a chat to your doctor.  

Want to know the clues?  Usually they don't start until a few years after your breasts have begun to grow or your pubic hair starts appearing.   Asking mum when she started can also give you a good indication.  It is often likely you will start within a year or so of when she did. 

Another dead giveaway is when you notice a white or creamy coloured discharge or stains on the inside of your knickers.  Sounds pretty yuck hey but its nothing to worry about and totally normal. It happens when the walls of your vagina start producing a fluid to keep them healthy.  It usually means your period could start a few months after this occurs. If you worry about staining your knickers or the wetness bothers you try our leak proof knickers !  Mynickerbot makes leak proof knickers for tweens in youth sizes from size 8 - 14.  

One day down the track you will probably least expecting it you will go to the loo and see some red or brownish smears in your knickers or when you wipe your bottom there may be some blood on the toilet paper.  DO NOT panic!  Even if you are not at home there is always a way around it.  Hopefully you have a pair of mynickerbot's in your school bag ready for the big day and if not use some loo paper till you make it home or a ask a friend or teacher for a pad or some help. Relax when you get home and give yourself a hug as you deserve it and be proud of the young woman you have now become and now you are in the secret girl gang.   

We will discuss periods and how much blood will be in each period in our next blog.  We won't keep you waiting long don't worry!!

We have your back.  MNB.

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What is "No Freak Technology TM anyway?"

What is

We thought we should let you all know what is so special about our knickers and why we have taken so long to get these little babies onto the market!

Welcome to Mynickerbot we are so excited that once you join our world you will wave goodbye to bulky pads or worrisome tampons and bothersome leaks.

Did you know that our knickers look like regular knickers you wear everyday, except they have a secret built-in technology which we call our "No Freak Technology TM" to keep you dry and leak-free all day. These knickers are your secret weapon against your monthly visits and they’re exactly that – a secret! Just like normal undies but different! Go to sleep overs or school camp with confidence.

Our special design uses a specially made 3-layer technical system that works in 3 ways. First as a moisture evaporator against the skin. This top layer wicks away moisture and bacteria keeping you feeling fresh and dry. Whilst the middle layer absorbs the fluid and the bottom layer is a special fabric that will prevent leaks and embarrassment. Even on the heaviest of days, you’ll be confident and safe from “freak out” leaks.

Our ‘No Freak Technology TM’ uses anti-bacterial properties which prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. In our organic luxe range it is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides (making the fibre more hypo-allergenic to sensitive people). For you, this means no funky odours and the natural fibres allow you to breathe down there. This type of knicker is the perfect worry-free friend especially on those days where you are not sure if they are arriving or not!!

Introductory offer! Use our discount code EMPOWER for 15% off storewide. * bundles and kits not included.


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What is PMS?

What is PMS?

What is this talk about PMS?

Sometimes periods come with uncomfortable symptoms.  Not fair right?!  Most of the time you will be fine.  However sometimes you may need some TLC.  Sometimes maybe even a doctor.

PMS is short for premenstrual syndrome.

It is when a girl has mood and body changes before or during her period.  It is usually at its worst during the 4 days before a period.  It should go away 2 or 3 days after the period begins.

What are some signs and symptoms of PMS?

  • you may feel sad
  • mood swings
  • you may be a little more cranky
  • have anxiety
  • tired
  • pimples
  • food cravings ( did someone say chocolate?)
  • tiredness
  • bloating
  • backaches
  • sore breasts
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • headaches

Try to take it easy, rest up if you can, eat well and make sure you include fruit and veges in with your stash of chocolate and try to take gentle walks.

Eat less salt to reduce bloating.

What Are Period Cramps?

Period cramps are pain in the lower belly during a girl's period. Many girls have cramps during the first few days of their periods. Period cramps are caused by prostaglandin, a chemical in the body that makes the muscle in the uterus contract.

What Can Help if I Have Cramps?

If cramps bother you, try:

  • a warm heating pad on your belly works wonders!

Looking Ahead

Most girls settle into a regular period schedule and can manage any bothersome symptoms with home treatment. But talk to the doctor if you think there could be a problem with your periods.

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