What is the best type of Period Underwear to wear to school?

What is the best type of Period Underwear to wear to school?

What do most teens or tweens want to wear to school when they have their period?  This is a question commonly asked.

Firstly teens want to be comfortable.  They also don't want  to be embarrassed by leaks or smells!  They also want to ensure they look normal or like everyone else and not have anything unusual detected. 

A lot of teens find that they don't even want to use a toilet at school these days especially since the introduction of vaping and the common way teens had been doing it in the cubicles so not wanting to be in trouble for even using them in the first place seems to be the way to go for a lot of teens.  This can be problematic for some and especially for those who are menstruating. Changing pads and tampons takes time and alerts the suspicion of teaching staff so the easiest way to combat this issue is for them to wear a heavy duty period proof underwear that will absorb a days worth of blood in one pair of period underwear.

Teens also don't like the embarrassment of the rustle of the papers and packaging that pads contain so teen period underwear are the safest way to go. Period underwear especially for tweens and teens is the best bet.


You may wish to choose a pair of period undies that absorb up to 4 or so tampons at a time to hold them out for a full day.

I would suggest this sleep bike short that absorbs up to 7 tampons worth!


As their cycle goes through the stages you can slip down to a lower absorbent pair.  Maybe around 2-3 tampons worth.  This is a fantastic pair for this particular use.


Whatever you decide you may want to make sure you keep a spare pair in the teens school bag and keeping them in a waterproof cosmetic pouch so they keep safe in the bottom of your daughters school bag amongst the mouldy sandwiches and rotting fruits! ( If they have school bags anything like my girls!)  Try this one out.  Super discreet with no logo on the bag so no-one will know what's inside.  If the period undies are wet or used the lining will prevent staining or leaks within the school bag.


Whatever you choose ensure you make sure your daughter changes them after school and / or after her shower.  Rinse them in cold water and wash as usual with other same colours.

Now she can go to the gym, yoga or dance on her period with  period undies keeping her safe!






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