5 Ways Period Underwear Work

5 Ways Period Underwear Work

For us ladies who are concerned with helping the environment, switching to period underwear as a sanitary option is the reason they are taking off. 

Period underwear are technically like your regular underwear, but with something extra that sets them apart. You wear them during your monthly period without having to use sanitary pads or tampons, but can absorb menstrual flow. The beauty is, you get to wear them, wash them, and wear them again during your entire cycle. Cool right?

If you haven’t tried them yet, you might be inclined to ask, “underwear only?” Yes, indeed, Period underwear are specifically designed to be worn during your period without having to use disposable pads or tampons.

Rest assured that they are more than capable of replacing liners, pads, tampons, and even menstrual cups. Some women do still wear tampons for extra protection and their peace of mind, probably since they are new converts and still not that comfortable going totally sans disposables yet.

Another question that also keeps popping out is, “do they actually work?” Yes, they do, keep reading, and we'll explain how.

Let’s get to it.

  1. Period underwear has four layers. 
  2. Absorbs your period without the need for disposables.
  3. Better for your body.
  4. All day and all night wear.
  5. They help reduce your leak anxiety.


Period underwear has four layers.

Even though the exact design styles of period underwear varies, they basically have three layers. There are some who have an extra layer that acts to eliminate odours.

  • First layer — Also known as the wicking layer. It is usually made up of cotton or microfiber polyester and is the layer closest to your skin. It pulls moisture and blood away from the body, fights bacteria and stops smells, keeping you dry and fresh.
  • Second layer — This layer is made of microfibers that helps lock in liquid through a giant maze of microfilaments as it moves through the material. This extra layer absorbs blood and in most designs can absorb up to 3 tampons worth of blood.
  • Third layer — Is a protective membrane that makes period panties impermeable to water. This makes it leak and stainproof, assuring you that you won’t have leaks. This layer is breathable, which means it prevents your privates from sweating.
  • Fourth layer — Depending on which brand and model you use, the outermost layer of period underwear consists of different fabrics. All these fabrics are skin-friendly, soft, and breathable, which guarantees the one wearing it maximum wearing comfort.


Absorbs your period without the need for disposables.

Perhaps the biggest factor in acquiring period underwear is to lessen your expense in purchasing disposables during your period. This will give you significant cost savings in the long run in terms of how many sanitary napkins and/or tampons required for one cycle.

Using Period underwear also contributes to preserving the environment. Do consider that disposable pads and tampons can take hundreds of years to break down, ending up in landfills. 


Better for your body

Here is a welcome fact that should turn non-believers into converts for period underwear. They are known to cause fewer irritations than some sanitary products. 

Many women get reactions from using pads against their skin. Meanwhile, younger women or girls in the early stages of their periods find wearing tampons uncomfortable.

Additionally, some sanitary products are perfumed, which can cause irritations, that is why period underwear offers a great advantage.


All day and all night wear

Of course this will depend on the amount of your menstrual flow, but even in your heavy days, period underwear can be worn all day if you choose the right level of absorbency for what you need.

No doubt that they look great, but can they stand up to the absorbency test too? To dispel your doubts, the answer is a resounding yes.

At night, before going to bed, put on a fresh pair. Trust us, your sheets will love you for it in the morning.

To find out which pair works well for you, MynickerBot’s Ladies Ultimate Period Proof Underwear 7 Pack (now on sale), can stop you from throwing money down the drain if you decide to invest in a week's worth of various styles of reusable period underwear.


They help reduce your leak anxiety

This goes especially for women during their heavy days. It is normal to feel a bit of anxiety when your heavy days of the month looms.

It is understandable to feel apprehensive the first time you go in one totally solo. But, as you may soon learn, you can go the whole day without worrying that mother nature might make the day a bit tricky for you.

It is advisable to carry an extra pair with you in your period pack on your heavy days, such as Mynickerbot’s Extra Absorbent Bamboo Period Underwear. To be safe and be assured that you have with you an extra pair to change into if and when you feel wet during the day.

Plus factor, you don’t need to throw anything away, adding to the landfill problem. And as a bonus, you get to bring home your used underwear to wash, dry, and reuse all over again.

Did we mention that many period underwear models can be tossed directly into the wash? Just make sure to read your product instructions on how to properly wash your period underwear for long-lasting wear. Now, isn’t that neat?


Final Thoughts

If you have never tried period underwear and are completely fed up with the hassle and expense of changing single-use sanitary products. Or you are one who cares for the environment and wants something more sustainable, give period underwear a try. 

Though there are claims stating that they are not for everyone, you’ll never know unless you give it a try. I, myself, have never thought I’d be a happy convert, and I must admit, it is now the only way for me.

If you are ready to give it the old Aussie go, we suggest going for Mynickerbot’s Bundle Packs and first period kits. This pack is a great way to save money and at the same time saving the planet by reducing sanitary waste going to landfill or into the oceans.
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