Can You Wear Period Underwear All Day?

Can You Wear Period Underwear All Day?

For decades, the way we women manage our menstruation went virtually unchanged. We use pads and tampons as the two main go to products that we get to use once, and dispose of once they have done their purpose.

Though these products have evolved, and continue to evolve, the innovation with these products have pretty much waned. Shocking right? Considering that half of the entire global population do menstruate.

But, if you take into consideration that for a time, the subject of talking about menstruation was a taboo topic until very recent times, it wouldn’t surprise any of us as much.


The New Innovation — Period Underwear

Thankfully, the hush times talking about menstruation is all behind us. Finally, there are definitely interesting new innovations hitting the market for us women, young and mature, as far as our menstruation is concerned. Period underwear are by far one of the most exciting, and sustainable innovations to come around.

Granted that after decades of using the same period products month after month, it can be rather difficult to make a sudden and drastic change. Needless to say, it is important for any menstruating woman to place their entire trust in the protection we choose during our monthly cycles.

Perhaps the biggest subject of concern for most women is “do they actually work?” Short answer, yes! Trust us ladies, they do work. Not only do they work well, they also do more for the environment.

When women first encounter period underwear, they often expect to see bulky underwear. It can be quite a surprise to many when they see these thin, wearable, and chic underwear and contemplate if they can do a good job of absorbing menstrual blood. More so, if they can be worn all day.


Can Period Underwear be Worn All Day?

Absolutely! Regardless of whether you use them by themselves or in conjunction with your default menstrual hygiene products. Period underwear are designed to be worn alone, and there are models that can absorb up to four tampons worth of fluid.

Nobody, not even our own mothers, know about our periods better than us. Menstruation is as personal and unique to every woman as there are grains of sand on a beach.

We of course would recommend that you change them daily for hygienic reasons. Like we said, menstruation is strictly a personal matter and our flows vary from woman to woman. Mynickerbot’s are designed to absorb up to two teaspoons of fluid without leaking. And we do have high absorbency models that can absorb more.

Period underwear do come in a variety of absorbency levels, from light to heavy. Just like pads and tampons, period underwear come in a variety of styles, fit, and absorbency levels. The technology behind them does differ from brand to brand.

For instance, Mynickerbot uses a special blend of moisture wicking fabric for absorbing moisture and employing the use of smart high-tech fabrics and organic materials provided by nature to ensure they are anti-microbial and odour resistant.

Additionally, we incorporated Silvadur™ that inhibits the growth of odour and infection-causing bacteria. Further, our No Freak Technology™ will keep you leak free with no smells. Easy to wash and reuse. As with any sanitary product, you can purchase light, medium, and heavy flow period underwear.

The trick to go without pads or tampons is to choose to wear one that’s capable of handling your heavy days and having the right fit. That way you can wear the underwear all day. On light days, a pair can practically last the entire day.


How Many Pairs of Period Underwear Do I Need?

Now comes the question of how many pairs of period underwear do you need in one menstrual cycle. Technically speaking, you can wear period underwear far longer than pads, which means that you’d need fewer of them for a full stash.

The actual number that you will have to prepare for will depend on how heavy you bleed, how long your period lasts, and also on personal preference in terms of freshness.

We tend to find that an average of five to seven pairs of underwear are enough for a singular woman’s monthly cycle. Three to five pairs for daytime wear and an additional two for nighttime if you want to sleep worry-free. A cut that fits more snug should fit the bill for extra coverage for side and rear leak protection.

This number ensures that you would have enough to wash every other day and make sure that your washed pairs dry in time for their next use. Have we mentioned that you are not throwing anything away? Washing and wearing them again eliminates the need for pads, tampons, and liners, which means you are helping in not filling up landfills and at the same time saving money on these disposables.


How Long Does Period Underwear Last?

Period underwear generally lasts just as long as any pair of regular underwear. But of course, their full serviceable lifespan will vary greatly according to how well they are cared for and how often they are used.

Since underwear are considered a delicate product, the elastic and thread may get damaged due to wear and tear. One thing is assured, that this will not in any way have an impact on the effectiveness of the absorbency built into their gusset.

Additionally, period underwear can last up to 200 washes if you don’t use any fabric softeners or toss them in the dryer after washing.


On a Final Note

The right pair of period underwear can indeed be worn all day without fear of having any leaks, or odours, or worrying about having irritations while wearing them. Not only will you be doing yourself a favour by switching to period underwear, you’ll be doing our environment a lot of good too by knowing how our period proof underwear can work for you.
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