Ways Period Underwear is Beneficial to Our Environment… and Us.

Ways Period Underwear is Beneficial to Our Environment… and Us.

It’s been a glacially slow process but the past few years have shown that we are gradually transitioning towards a greener future, hopefully. Renewable energies such as solar, wind, and other green sources of energy are growing in popularity, couple this with the continued electrification of our transportation systems means that in the future we can expect our commutes to be green as well.

Humanity slowly realising that our current lifestyle is not sustainable is a welcome change.  This transition couldn’t come in a better time after all since we are already feeling the effects of climate change due to global warming. More frequent bush fires, cyclones strong enough to be called once in a century storms come in almost annually. Unpredictable weather, hotter droughts, colder winters, shifting climates, our environmental impact as a species to the planet has been let’s say… apocalyptic in scale and we did it in just over 10,000 years of human civilisation. We need to make changes otherwise we won’t be here in this planet for too long.

Yes we can’t just collectively flip a switch and make everything better, big change takes time. What we can do is make small changes to our lives and if enough of us do this it will have a huge impact. Take feminine hygiene products for example.

Environmentally Unfriendly

Feminine Hygiene products were not always a major problem and environmental pollutant. This changed when commercial mass production of feminine pads and tampons began during the 30’s compounded with the introduction of plastic materials to the products during the 60’s.

Fast forward to the 20th century, did you know that feminine hygiene products are now the fifth most common plastic waste that can be found in the ocean? Yes, Plastic. Majority of your tampons and pads, about 90 percent in fact, are composed of plastics of different kinds and are not just made of just cotton anymore. The issue is that modern sanitary pads being made up of 90% plastic making them definitely not biodegradable. It won’t be such a huge problem at the present if we can recycle these discarded feminine hygiene products but that isn’t the case because they are considered medical waste and cannot be recycled. Don’t think that these products will break up and degrade over time as well, it will take at least 600 years for products of this kind to decompose.

Okay, but to see the actual impact of feminine hygiene products we might need to do some quick math. Bear with us for a bit. In a single lifetime a woman can go through more than 14,000 sanitary products. This is from a single person. If we multiply that to billions of females currently on our planet. Don’t forget that there are 4.3 human births every second. You see the problem we face with our current use of feminine hygiene products?

This is absolutely NOT a sustainable route especially since recycling is not a valid method of disposal. We should find a better way than tampons and sanitary pads.

The Period Underwear.

Period underwear are basically specialised undergarments designed for females to wear during their period. They take the place of disposable feminine hygiene products. They are designed to look and feel like normal underwear but with extra layers made with absorbent fabrics in the crotch area to absorb and control fluids and to prevent leakage from happening.

Benefits of Period Underwear.

  1. Freedom – Period underwear can indeed give you more freedom by making sure you are comfortable and will not hinder either your fashion choices or the activities you can do during your time of the month.

    Period underwear comes in various designs and colours that are both discrete and as neutral as possible. No more worrying if your knickers will clash with your outfit nor will it make you feel conscious that people will notice you are wearing anything other than a standard pair of underwear. No need to worry about standing out especially since you’re already super conscious about yourself at this point in time.

Period Underwear also enables you to do a lot more activities without the anxiety of your period being in the way. You can go jogging, hiking, running, even swimming (we have special period swim wear bottoms as well) if you feel like being active that time. Or maybe just sitting or lying down eating a pint of ice cream while watching The Notebook, letting your hormonal tears out, without any worry that you might leak.

You’re already feeling uncomfortable biologically, period underwear will at least give you the ability to do anything you want without any worries.


  1. More Affordable- You read that right Period underwear is more affordable compared to disposable feminine hygiene products… That is in the long term. Let me explain…

    Period underwear is reusable. Yes initial purchase cost is indeed higher compared to their disposable kin but take note, while sanitary pads and tampons are cheaper you do go through quite a bit of them as they are in their nature, disposable. After using one you throw it away. Not so with period underwear. All you have to do is wash them and they are ready to fight another day. Remember the math a woman can go through more than 14000 sanitary products over the course of a single lifetime. So by buying a reusable product like period underwear that will significantly cut down your expenses.

    While we are talking about being reusable… Period Underwear are ultimately… 


  1. Better for the Environment-
    We’ve already done the math. The numbers do line up and by reducing our dependency on disposable feminine hygiene products like tampons and pads we can make a sizeable difference in the waste we are sending to the landfills or worse the oceans. Overall, the less non-biodegradable, non-recyclable we throw away the less we damage the environment.

You might be asking how do these benefits, except for the last one, save our environment? That’s an easy answer.

By being better than the disposable counterparts we can draw females all around the world away from them. We can limit the damage feminine hygiene products have done to the world. It might not be overnight but we can make a difference and together we can make a huge positive change and help save the world.

MyNickerBot believe in chasing after what we call the “Green Periods”. We want to spread the word that period underwear has tons of benefits over their disposable counterparts be it financially, environmentally or a lot of other beneficial difference that we haven’t discussed in this article.

We believe that by offering an item that is in our opinion is superior to disposable feminine hygiene products, we can do our part to make a positive difference not only to the environment but to the lives of our customers.

This is why we offer our products in different styles for different age groups so that we can be of service to anyone. We want to be your secret friend in the monthly battle with your period.

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