FAQ and wash instructions!





How will I know what size to buy?


For our organic range take a size down as they run large. 

For the Active range  please take your normal size in briefs, as they fit true to size.  If unsure please take note of our size chart.  A size XS generally refers to a ladies 6-8 and goes up from there.  For the youth sizing it generally relates to age but can vary so take your usual size in those.

However as with all brands and sizing please allow for differences of every wonderful body shape.


How do I wash period proof underwear?



This is a common question!  Just rinse them out in cool  running water till you are satisfied then pop in the wash with other similar colours.   Use a cool wash - not hot and detergent.  Always hang dry and never tumble dry as this will spoil the technology.  Hang dry in the sun if you can as the sun can give all of your clothes some antibacterial goodness straight from nature! 

If handling them and rinsing is not your thing try to throw them in a bucket with some detergent to rinse them or soak them out for an hour or so first.  If you forget don't stress they can go straight into the wash with the regular load with no worries!

Don't use bleach or fabric softener either as this will also ruin the clever technology. 

They won't stain and if they do with proper care and proper washing or soaking they will keep their new appearance for many many washes to come!   Don't mix dark with light colours.  

General Product Information


What makes Mynickerbot so special and unique from normal underwear in your  drawer? 


Mynickerbot underwear combines eco conscious, comfy and cool designs and our special technology helps you be free to do whatever you want any day of the month.  We have ensured that our specialised layered system gives you protection against leaks, periods, sweat and discharge, light bladder leaks - you name what goes on down there and I think we pretty much have you covered girlfriend!



Can I use Mynickerbot as my everyday underwear or when I am scared I may get my period?


You sure can!  That is exactly what they are for!  Wear them every day because they are made of natural fibres and you can be confident if Aunty Flow comes to town! Be safe and confident as our fabrics are not only sweat and fluid absorbing but they are anti microbial and anti odour.  Great if you get a lot of discharge or if you sweat a lot down there.  Also handy for us mums with light bladder leaks!


Will Mynickerbot feel or look different to my normal underwear?

Our fabulous range of underwear look like a very cool comfy pair of  normal ones.  Only you will know your little secret.  The special layered technology is super slim and can barely be detected. You won’t notice a difference. 



How long will my Mynickerbot last?  

With proper care and if you follow our instructions on the care label they should see you wearing them for up to 200 washes!  Not bad considering you probably change your normal underwear more than that anyway! There will always be new, cute styles to choose from so keep a look out! Please look after them though according to the care label attached!  It could be wise to keep them once dry in the packaging they come in.  If you have bought a first period kit or a bundle pack keep them in the cute linen bag that they came in then you can find them in a hurry when you need them!



Who can wear my Mynickerbot?


Anyone of all shapes and sizes and people who get periods will suit our wonderful underwear!  We have youth sizes 8-14 and in ladies or adult sizes they are XS-XL at this stage with more sizes planned for the future.  



Will you change the style of Mynickerbot?


Overtime we will change our range of underwear to keep up with trends and what you want!  Don’t worry they will only ever get better.  Please email us at hello@mynickerbot.com with any suggestions or requests you may have.  We are open to new ideas!



Are Mynickerbot eco friendly?


Oh yes they are ! With the war on waste at an all time high we are helping the planet by taking pads, tampons and all the plastic packaging from them out of landfill and the oceans.  An average woman uses around 14000 period products in her lifetime.  Imagine if you were to use Mynickerbot for all of your cycles from the beginning till the end the waste you alone would prevent?  Each one of us can start making a difference and it can all start with the most natural thing in the world - your period.



Is Mynickerbot an ethical brand?


Yes we are!  Our manufacturer has all the certificates we could lay our hands on to ensure the making of each garment is made with love and care and not with unethical standards.  We are also certified by GOTS which is The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.



How are Mynickerbot garments anti bacterial? 


We use a special blend of Merino wool that has a unique property that absorbs moisture internally due to its hydrophilic core. We also use very smart and high tech fabrics combined with what nature provided us to ensure our fabrics are anti microbial and odour resistant. We have added Silvadur™  within our specialised technology.  SILVADUR™ inhibits the growth of odour and infection-causing bacteria.



Where are Mynickerbot made?

We design everything in Australia and we manufacture in Bangladesh in a factory that has many ethical certificates including the GOTS environmental certificate for organic fabrics.  This is a very strict test and not easy to get.  We also have a factory in China that makes the other half of our stock and once again we ensure they are an ethical manufacturer.


Do I need to wear a tampon or pad with Mynickerbot's?


NO you don't!  They are designed to be worn alone and can absorb up to 4 tampons worth of fluid!  So ditch disposables and get onto this new trend!


Can I wear a pad or tampon with my Mynickerbot though if I want?


Of course you can!  Please feel free to use any additional sanitary item you choose with our underwear.  We believe every woman has a right to choose.  Our underwear should be enough for most days however some days are heavier than others and some days we may realise we are going to be out all day and may need a back up. This is where an extra pair of your Mynickerbot underwear can come handy or your regular pad or other sanitary items you feel comfortable using. Also every woman bleeds differently so we can only offer you a guideline.  We do  not like to assume what goes on down there for everyone!




We recommend you change them daily obviously but it really depends on your flow.  Some people need a couple of pairs a day others can go a day with one pair on.  This is a really personal matter and depends on your flow. Mynickerbot are designed to absorb up to 2 teaspoons of fluid without leaking!