How do you wash reusable nappies or training pants?

How do you wash reusable nappies or training pants?

Cleaning them is easier than you may think!  First start with some good basics.  

Always have a few spare pairs to start the journey as there will be accidents and you will need a few on hand and in the pram etc. 

Go to to check out all the fabulous styles and patterns. It is also handy to grab a large wet proof bag for a spare or a wet pair.  They have a handy tag on them to swing over the handle of the pram for easy access.

1. Detergent - make it a good one and use the suggested quantity as recommended on the bottle or container. 

2. Remove any solids like poo from the cloth nappy or pant.  We suggest you do this over the toilet and flush it away. Use toilet paper to handle the solids to keep you hands clean.   Or you can rinse in a bucket in the laundry sink.  However the toilet method is easier for obvious reasons.

3.  If there is poo on the pant or nappy you may wish to use a pre wash cycle with detergent withering 1- 2 days ( sooner the better )  Use  it on 40-60 degrees however 60 degrees Celsius is best for when there was a poo present!

4. Check you front and top loader times as each machine can vary their cycles. My AEG washing machine varies greatly from my other Samsung I have in the garage for instance. 

5. Hang on the line to dry always - If its a really sunny day the PUL can sometimes break down in the lining of the pant so avoid hanging in direct sun if you can.  If you can't do that try to avoid putting the crotch part of the brief in direct sunlight. You can also hang in shade on an airer inside or where suits.  Try to ensure there is enough ventilation around each item of clothing so they can air properly.  Use stainless pegs as they are the best and most long lasting of all.  Our favourite are by a local Australian brand called - try them out.  They also have a bunch of other handy washing items to try like wash bags and dryer balls. 


If you are using them every day it is a good idea to run a daily pre wash cycle with detergent as this reduces the likelihood of ammonia developing and reduces the smells in the laundry significantly.

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